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Online Dating Red Flags | Things to Watch Out For When Dating Online

Gadgets with hearts in between representing online dating.
Avoid a broken heart while looking for love online and take
not of these online dating red flags.

The technological advancement has brought us to a new era of dating. Today, dating cannot only be done through personal face-to-face encounter but also through virtual and online dating platforms. This way, it has become more convenient for everyone to find a suitable match for themselves. Indeed, love can blossom in many ways and in this case, it is through the internet.

Dating is no doubt an exciting adventure. It would be wonderful to have someone who checks all the boxes in your standard. However, no matter how enthralling it can be and how seemingly perfect that person you’ve met online is, you just can’t be too careful. Dating may not be all about finding the perfect one, but that does not have to mean that you have to ignore obvious red flags.

Before engaging in an online relationship, here are a few common red flags that you want to take note of:

  • Empty/Negative social media profiles

    Although it is safe not to give or expose personal information especially on the internet. However, a profile that doesn’t actually say much of the owner is a different story. When someone is serious about finding their match by dating online, they will make an effort of telling people a little something about themselves, what they look for in a person and what kind of relationship they are expecting or are looking for.

    On the other hand, if the profile tells too much about themselves, then you might also want to do further research, especially if it is too demanding. Watch out for profiles that say “Don’t message me if you’re not [insert whatever here]” or “Message me if you’re [insert demand here].’ Rather, stick to profiles that sound genuine and leave something for your imagination.

  • Out-dated/Unclear Photos

    This is common in any online dating platforms. Out-dated or unclear photos scream red flag all over it. If someone is really looking for serious dating, they would have nothing to hide. It is imperative that when you date someone online, it should be someone who is honest and their photos will tell you more than you think it would when it comes to honesty. Wouldn’t it also be suspicious to have an old photo or an unclear photo of themselves uploaded on their online dating profile?

  • Unsure of what they are looking for

    One of the first things you need to establish when looking for a match online is knowing what you are looking for. If a profile suggests otherwise, then it is best to stay clear. As simple as that. You would not want to risk investing your time and your affection on someone who does not exactly know what they want in a person or what they want in a relationship.

  • Takes forever to respond

    Normally, when a person is interested in you, they’d respond to your messages as soon as they are able to. If someone you are talking to online takes days to respond, then that’s a big red flag right there. You might want to rethink on responding back to their messages if this has already happened more than thrice.

    Slow fading is something that is not uncommon nowadays. Usually, the person responds immediately until it slowly takes days for them to do so and eventually leaves you hanging without any kind of closure. If this has become the pattern, it may also suggest that you are not the only guy she’s talking to and is only replying to you when they are bored or alone.

  • The use of love-bombing techinique

    The love-bombing technique is not just simply flirting. It is the way of creating an illusion to potential dates by showering them with affection in order to influence them in some ways. By doing so, their victim will easily believe anything that they say and use this to their advantage. Hence, engaging in a relationship online is not advisable if you easily fall for flattery words and sweet gestures.

  • Stalling the meet-up

    The end goal of most online relationships is to ultimately meet each other in person. So if you’re online partner keeps on coming up with lame excuses to keep stalling the eventual meet up, it’s either she’s afraid of commitments, isn’t just really that interested, or just up to no good.

    Whether you are dating someone of the same nationality as you are or have engaged in interracial dating, making the effort of seeing you will tell you how interested that person is with you.

Online dating welcomes every one and in that sense, you should become more vigilant. You should always look out for these red flags. To be even safer, it is best that you sign up with a trusted and reputable online dating site. Lucky for you, you are currently in one. Having been on top of the game for over two decades, we at www.anewbride.com pride ourselves in making sure that our clients find the love they deserve in a safe and protected environment.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free now and start your online dating journey with us!

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - Tuesday, 19 October, 2021
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